ManAlive Studios


ManAlive Studios is a cutting-edge, full-service audio/visual professional recording studio facility in Franklin, TN.

We are available for facility rental, as well as editing, post-production, color grading, and music production.



ManAlive Studios was founded by artists for artists. Our goal is to erase the line between album and video and infuse new emotion and realism into music. By capturing incredible musical moments with the highest quality equipment, we can unleash a new wave of authenticity in the arts. 

ManAlive Studios makes possible a new paradigm for artists. At our facility, creators can produce visual albums, live stream the creation of projects and complete them in short time frames. You can even bring in a live audience. The Studio is also perfect for showcases and industry events.

ManAlive Studios is a community-minded enterprise - we don’t produce hateful or harmful content. Instead our vision is to populate the world of the arts with life-giving excellence.