ManAlive Studios


ManAlive Studios is a cutting-edge, full-service audio/visual professional recording studio facility in Franklin, TN.

We are available for facility rental, as well as editing, post-production, color grading, and music production.

what we do

ManAlive Studios features a unique combination of tools curated from the worlds of audio recording, film, and live production broadcast to give artists an unequaled creative palette. 


For the technically inclined, check out our Tech Specs


4K film & video production


ManAlive Studios features a state-of-the-art 4K production workflow. We have a six-camera multi-cam production workflow and can execute any vision whether for a livestream session of the highest quality, a live-to-tape filming, or taking all cameras to isolated feeds for editing in post. 

We feature large-sensor digital cinema cameras in the Super 35 format, not small CCD-based broadcast cameras. So if you're a fan of a filmic shallow depth of field, or want to film in 4.6k RAW to have the ultimate flexibility to execute your creative vision,  we have you covered.

music recording

ManAlive Studios features a full music production multitrack suite including an SSL AWS console, ProTools, and a great mic cabinet, but with a unique twist: for those who want the ultimate in high-definition audio for their track masters, we have one of the only DSD-capable multitrack systems in the United States, and currently the only such system in Nashville, TN. 

So whether you are recording Jazz, Classical, or you're a Pop/Rock Band that wants to track on the only digital format that exceeds the resolution of 2-inch tape, DSD is a great way to go.


livestream events

ManAlive Studios can livestream your event with the latest hardware encoding, paired with top-quality broadcast audio mixes. Bring a live studio audience if you want to bring the energy of a live show to your event.

Music Artist Livestream

showcases & live events

ManAlive Studios is the perfect venue for your next artist showcase, album launch party, or other industry event, including space for intimate audiences and receptions. We are equipped with a boutique high-definition ultra-linear live PA in our audience space, so your music can be debuted in the glory it deserves, every detail crystal clear.